As you probably recall, we had a separate photographer to do the group pictures for all the qualifiers at the WC/WCX. It was decided at the last moment that a third photographer was needed and Randy Bartley graciously agreed to help the club out. His help allowed the designated photographers to stay out in the field and continue to capture shots of each dog that ran. If you were lucky enough to have purchased one of the cookbooks that Mile High GRC was selling to raise funds for the National, it will be of interest to you to know that Randy was the photographer that took all of the wonderful images in that book!

Randy was not interested in dealing with selling these images and I don't want to make money off his efforts so I'm offering them to you at my cost with my congratulations on qualifying at the National.

Please note that a few of the images are cropped a little tight and may only be suitable as 4x6 or 10x12 prints so please pay special attention to the cropping options if you order anything larger than a 4x6.

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